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Ways to Decorate a Lantern for Christmas

Here are 4 ideas for dressing up a plain lantern for the holidays.

Make it pretty

Christmas Art with Kids' Handprints

Use your child's handprints to make the sweetest Christmas decorations you'll treasure forever.

Get All Sentimental

Christmas Tree on Pallet Boards

No room for a tree? Make one with painted pallet boards!

I need a tree

Lawn and Garden

Ways to Use L-Shaped Accent Fences

Accent fences - so many uses for them in your yard. Which one will you try?

But i like them all!

Fall: Time to Put Your Veggie Garden to Bed

Fall cleanup tips to get a head start on the next growing season.

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What’s the Best Mulch for Your Yard & Garden?

Learn what's good (and not so good) about commonly available mulches.

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Deck and Patio

How to Clean Your Composite Deck

Regular maintenance and removing that sticky residue from pine trees!

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Solid-Edge or Grooved Decking: Which to Buy?

Decking is available with grooved (slotted) and solid (square) edges. How do you decide which type to choose?

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Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

You spend all this time cleaning the inside of your house for spring, don't forget about the outside! Downloadable checklist inside.

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Building Materials

Nominal vs. Actual Lumber Sizes

At the lumberyard, board measurements are given in nominal sizes. Which aren't the actual sizes. We explain this and give you a handy chart, too.

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