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7 Ways to Cook Thanksgiving Turkey

Author:Laura W.
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roast turkey drumsticks and vegetables on white plate
Photo by Lilas Yohane on Unsplash

Thanksgiving is upon us, and this article will give you one more thing to be thankful for: some ideas for your Thanksgiving turkey prep! We have broken down 7 different ways to prepare your bird for the big day. If you have other great ways to prepare a turkey, we want to know! Comment below.

1. Oven Roasting

This is the classic way to prepare turkey for the big day. Find your favorite recipe and stick that bird in the oven. We have a great recipe for you to try here.

2. Roast it in Parts

Cut up your turkey and roast the parts separately. Or purchase pre-cut parts so you can choose the amounts of dark and white meat and have enough for everyone. Just find out how long each part of the turkey needs to be cooked, to ensure that each piece is cooked for the perfect amount of time. Turkey legs and breasts cook at different rates, so an instant-read thermometer will be handy. Serious Eats says that white meat should be cooked to 145°F and dark meat needs to be cooked to at least 165°F. Find your perfect blend of seasonings, and you are on your way to a magnificent meal!

3. Brine

Brining the turkey before roasting is becoming popular. The brining process forces liquid and seasonings into the turkey meat, making each bite tender and full of flavor. This method requires you to plan ahead since the turkey has to be kept cold while it's brining. The refrigerator is the best place to keep your turkey cold during the brining process, but you can keep the turkey on ice if you're brining under two hours.

4. Deep Fry

If you have a deep fryer that can hold a turkey, this is a great way to prepare it. Deep frying will give your turkey very crisp skin, moist meat, and a fabulous flavor. If you do choose to deep fry a turkey, be very careful. Only attempt this outside, away from buildings or flammable material, and keep a fire extinguisher close by.

5. Grill

Need to free up space in your kitchen for the side dishes? Cooking the turkey on the grill is a wonderful way to give the bird fabulous flavor. On the plus side, you can grill in any weather! Just make sure that your grill keeps a constant temperature throughout the cooking process. Using a grill thermometer will help you cook the bird to perfection.

6. Slow Cooker Turkey

Making your turkey in a slow cooker is super easy, hands off, and makes the turkey meat extra soft. You can toss in veggies as well. Our favorite recipe just calls for your turkey and a packet of dry onion soup mix. Simple yet delicious!

7. Smoke Your Turkey

Smoking is a slower cooking process for turkey, but the results are delicious. For experienced pitmasters, a smoked bird can be a beautiful thing. Chef Bobby Flay has a delicious smoked turkey recipe that you just have to try.