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8 Make-Ahead Batch Cocktail Recipes

Author:Terry Baldwin
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Batch cocktails being made in a pot with red wine and orange slices.
Photo by Jens Mahnke from Pexels

If you're hosting a gathering, making batch cocktails is a great way to reduce the workload. The best part? You can store leftovers in the fridge to enjoy at your leisure or freeze for slushies.

We’ve found you some exceptional batch cocktail recipes that you can easily double (or triple). Serve the premade cocktails in pitchers, drink dispensers, or bowls. No punch bowl? No worries. Use any large, pretty bowl or pot.


New Year’s Eve is all about the sparkles and bubbly, and this champagne punch recipe with its jewel-like fruit garnishes hits those points perfectly. Because of the bubbles, this recipe probably won't be as tasty after a couple days in the fridge, so it's a great candidate for freezing. To reduce the recipe by half, just use one bottle of bubbly.


Serving up a taco buffet? Then your friends already love you, and they’ll love you even more when you offer margaritas for a crowd. The secret ingredients are frozen limeade and a little beer for strong ‘ritas that aren’t too sweet. If you plan to make this recipe last over a week, omit the beer.


Got gin? Make a big batch of 50-50 martinis. Rebekah Peppler’s recipe in the New York Times calls for mixing equal parts gin and vermouth with a half-part of filtered water. Then let your friends make their martinis as dirty as they want. Serves 6.


How about a batch of spicy red wine sangria? This Serious Eats sangria punches up a classic recipe with fresh ginger. Makes about 8 servings.


Or, warm your friends’ hearts by brewing wine with spices and cider. Ina Garten’s mulled wine recipe is a cozy way to ring in the new year. Serves 8.


This wine-and-rum punch is pink and festive and party perfect. The surprising addition of red grapefruit juice gives it some zing.


Toast and feel toasty with traditional hot buttered rum. Try this recipe from Rachel Ray. Serves 4.

Milk Punch

It’s too late to make eggnog, but you have plenty of time to make its cousin, milk punch. This Southern Living recipe needs only an hour to chill and no raw eggs are involved. This freezes well for slushies.

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