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Christmas Goody Pots Craft Project

Author:Laura W.
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instant cocoa mix in terra cotta pots wrapped in red and green yarn

Project Supplies

Skeins of red, white, and green yarn; 2 terra cotta plant pots, glue and glue gun, 4 black buttons

  • Green, red, and white yarn
  • Terra cotta pots
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Black buttons
  • Optional: Silicone finger guards

Here's a cute and festive container that can either hold a plant or a gift. Super easy to make, because all you do is glue! I chose to make 2 different colored goody pots, but you can make them all the same if you want. These do not require much yarn.

Step 1: Attach colored yarn.

terra cotta pot being wrapped with red yarn

Lay down the first row of red yarn on the bottom of the pot by placing lines of hot glue down and pressing the yarn on top of it. To protect your fingertips, you may want to use silicone finger guards or caps. Continue winding the yarn around the pot. Keep it tight so that the pot doesn’t show through the yarn.

terra cotta pot wrapped with red yarn

TA-DA! To finish, just put a dot of hot glue on the last row and attach the end of the yarn.

Step 2: Attach white yarn.

terra cotta pot being wrapped with red and white yarn

To attach the white yarn, you can either start at the top of the pot or right above the red yarn. For this one, I chose to start right above the red yarn. Establish the base line by applying a line of glue and sticking the white yarn to it. Then, tightly wrap the yarn around the pot.

Secure the end of the white yarn with a dot of hot glue, and you are done with the yarn portion.

Step 3: Attach black buttons.

terra cotta pot decorated with red and white yarn to look like Santa Claus

Next, glue 2 black buttons on the red yarn. That's it.

I also made a green pot.

packs of instant hot chocolate inside 2 red and green terra cotta pots decorated to look like Santa Claus and elf

These are great for gifting candy and hot cocoa.