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Cork Crafts

Author:Terry Baldwin. Crafts & photos by Allison Kinney
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wine corks in a  glass bowl
photo by Mauro Lima on Unsplash

These days, many of us have more used wine corks than usual rolling around our kitchens. Well you know the saying, “when life gives you wine corks, start crafting and drink more wine.”

orange pumpkin and green Christmas tree made out of wine corks

Allison, our resident crafter and wine enthusiast, made a cute pumpkin and a Christmas tree out of her corks. The tree can also be used as a place card, Christmas card, or photo holder. It’s a fun project for kids ages 8 and older. 

3 wine corks and pink glue gun

To make the pumpkin or the Christmas tree, you’ll need corks, glue (Allison used a hot-glue gun), and acrylic paint. For the pumpkin, you’ll also need green felt and a pipe cleaner.

wine corks arranged into an oval shape 

First, arrange the corks in the shape you want and start gluing rows.

wine corks stacked into a triangle and a square

Next, stack and glue the rows into the shape you want. Note that the tree trunk uses corks cut in half.

After the glue has dried, paint the front of your piece.

group of wine corks painted orange

For the pumpkin, make a leaf out of green felt and make a stem with a pipe cleaner.

To make the tree into a place card holder, cut a slot into the top cork with a sharp craft knife (a job for grown-ups, of course).

We found a few other fun ideas to try:

Wine cork jewelry organizer

Wine cork bath mat

Ombre cork heart