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Create an Outdoor Zone of Tranquility

Author:Terry Baldwin
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Garden gnome statue meditating among flowers
photo by Dorota Dylka on Unsplash

Feeling stressed? Ease your restless mind and anxious body with a serene outdoor space. You can easily carve out a zone of tranquility in your yard where you can meditate or simply disconnect and be still. Here are some ideas.


To truly feel unplugged, separate your space from the surrounding area. You don’t need to go to the extent of building a wall. A pretty trellis, a small privacy screen, or even a couple tall potted plants will be enough to set apart your quiet zone.


Person sitting on garden swing next to lake, back view
photo by La Rel Easter on Unsplash

You can’t relax if you’re uncomfortable. Place a soft floor cushion on an outdoor rug or pull in a comfy chair that you already have on hand. You might find a rocking chair or porch swing’s steady, rhythmic movement helps you tune out anxious thoughts.


oval metal string lights with star-shaped holes hung over fence rail at night

A gentle glow from flickering candles or lights adds beauty and tranquility. Avoid harsh, too-bright light—choose string lights or lanterns with shades or covers. Worried about wind blowing out your candles? Get battery-operated flameless candles—you’ll be surprised how realistic they are.

If you have the space, a fire pit will add outside-noise-reducing crackles in addition to warmth on cool evenings.


colored glass wind chimes hanging on stick

If street traffic noise or neighbors are too distracting, add sound elements. Wind chimes and bubbling water fountains are good solutions. You can aim a small fan (battery operated will work outdoors) at chimes to keep them tinkling on windless days. If your area is very noisy, create a playlist of sounds (ocean waves, rain, chimes) that help you relax.


Sweet, spicy scents wafting through your zone of tranquility will help you forget the outside world. Use incense, scented candles, or herbs like lavender and rosemary that release pleasant aromas when you brush your hand over them.


Plants can add movement, scent, and even sound to your calm outdoor oasis. Try grasses that wave and rustle in the breeze, or long-stemmed flowers that bob and sway, such as salvias or cosmos. Containers are an easy way to grow what you want and also create structure in your peaceful space.


birdbath with 2 copper bowls and metal cattails

Is your brain stressed from thoughts leaping around like scared rabbits? A statue or piece of art to gaze at gives your restless mind something else to focus on. Or, try a birdbath and focus on the birds and bees it will attract.


Small stones in graduated sizes, stacked with smallest stone on top
photo by Jeppe Hove Jensen on Unsplash

Some people find that stacking stones or simply holding a polished pebble soothes them. Place smooth stones in your tranquility zone and reach for them when you have trouble finding stillness.

I hope these ideas help you create your own serene zone of tranquility. Here are a few products that you might like.

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