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How to Create a Winter Centerpiece

Author:Elizabeth Schenk, Floral Creative
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illustration of a winter centerpiece with evergreen branches, foliage stems, red berries and candles

This holiday season may look a little different to us, but it will be special and memorable in its own way. We’re all looking for ways to relax and be present, so why not enjoy a little tranquil me time? Spend a serene hour creating a winter centerpiece for your dining room table.

You can easily assemble one using greens and berries foraged on a walk or from your favorite neighborhood market (try Trader Joe’s or a local tree farm). If you have any dried ferns, artificial glittered branches or a special family ornament, use those too! Add-ins are what make these centerpieces special.

Let's get started.

illustration of evergreen branch tip, green foliage stems and berries
Credit: Elizabeth Schenk

First, gather your supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Container
  • Clippers
  • Tape
  • A bundle of greens and berries plus other objects

Then, set the mood. Light a scented candle, put your favorite holiday movie on the TV or Michael Buble’s Christmas album, take a deep breath and give yourself a quick pep talk (this will be fun, I promise!) and be ready to dive in.


illustration of a grid of green tape covering the mouth of a vase
Credit: Elizabeth Schenk

Using the tape, create a grid on your container and then, fill your container with clean, room-temperature water.


Lay your greens and berries out on the table so you can see the variety of sizes and textures. To start, find the foliage that is the least bendy – usually the noble fir or boxwood. Use this to begin your shape.


illustration of green foliage stems in a vase with the words, beginning to take shape
Credit: Elizabeth Schenk

Cut the stems on an angle to your desired height and insert into the grid at different angles. Get the most out of what you have – if you have branches that have multiple “fingers” that can be taken apart and still be long enough to use, don’t hesitate to trim them and use many pieces instead of one large, overpowering branch. Continue adding greens and berries until your arrangement has the shape and design that you like (remember that less can often be more). Don’t stress out… there are no rules, and often these branches have a mind of their own!


illustration of a winter centerpiece with evergreen branches, foliage stems, red berries and candles
Credit: Elizabeth Schenk

Once you have used all of your foliage, greens and berries, add in your unique touches. Tuck dried or glittery things right in with the greens, nestle the ornaments in a stable space, or even set these pieces at the base of the arrangement right on the table.

When your arrangement is complete and placed where it can be enjoyed, snap a photo and toast your good work! Happy holidays!