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Poem for Dad on Father's Day

Author:Laura W.
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It’s Father’s Day!

We have tons of gift ideas for the dad in your life. Whether he loves the great outdoors, barbecuing in the back yard, or working in the garage, we have the perfect gift for him.


Here’s a little poem for dad:

Hey dad. I want to thank you, for all you do.

I love when you make me food, like pizza in this oven - so good, we could sue.

It's hot so don’t burn your hands! Or you won’t be able to play your guitar like your favorite bands.

Here's a pizza cutter set. This is the best one out there, we bet.

Or maybe a portable grill? You can take it wherever you go. To the beach or even Brazil!

You are a barbecue master, so what better than this BBQ plaque. It comes in brown and in black!

What about a personalized garage clock? You'll be the coolest on the block..

Kick up your feet on this Adirondack Chair, you can relax every day and not have a care.

This cooler will keep your drinks nice & cold, there are a few color options, are you sold?

And last but not least, these frozen whiskey glasses are brand new. We hope you like them, and we love you!

We wrote this poem to make gift-giving easy on you. So if you have a father, get him an item or 2!