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Our Holiday Traditions

Author:Laura W.
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Santa Claus is coming to town! Here at Yard & Home, we have been getting very excited for the holiday season and have been making Christmas tree ornaments and sharing our Christmas traditions! Here are some of our favorites:

couple watching a movie with a dog on their lap

My girlfriend and I have had a tradition of watching the original “Grinch” movie. You know, the cartoon one! We always sit down and watch it after our family’s Christmas Eve dinner. We know it is a tradition that we will continue to do.
- Jacob C.

 multi-colored christmas lights on trees

At 8:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, my wife turns on TBS so we can watch 24 hours of A Christmas Story. That movie plays nonstop in my home. My wife loves it and it has become our Christmas tradition. We also make sure to take the kids to the drive-through Christmas light show that our local minor league baseball stadium does every year. The kids love it!
-Jacob N.

family decorating christmas tree together

Our Christmas traditions start the day after Thanksgiving. We always put our tree up that Friday and decorate it as a family. On Christmas morning, the first thing we do is have the kids look in their stockings. Santa brings them all sorts of chocolates and little gifts.
- Jeff H.

family wearing rolled up jeans and christmas socks

We have sort of an odd Christmas tradition. Every year, we give our kids and grandkids a package of socks. This tradition started many years ago when our kids were little and we didn’t have a lot of money for presents, but we continued it over the years and the kids and grandkids still have fun with it.
- Bev R.

kids running down stairs with stockings in their hands

Santa would bring the kids’ stockings to their beds, or right outside their bedroom doors. When they woke up in the morning, they would all get together and check out what Santa brought them. It gave me a little more time to sleep in before opening presents!
- Terry B.

back view of a family in winter apparel watching fireworks

We have several Christmas traditions. We do Elf on the Shelf every year and that is fun for the kids – and for us. On Christmas Eve, we shoot off a firework before the kids go to bed, so that Santa knows where we live. We also mix glitter and oats together and leave that out to attract the reindeer. On Christmas morning, we make shrimp quesadillas and visit family.
- Scott C.

young girl decorating cookies with her grandma

Every year, the adults in our family wear Christmas sweaters and the kids wear PJs and we have a big family Christmas party. In December, we have a tradition where the girls in our family get together and bake Christmas cookies. We all wear aprons and comfy slippers and listen to Christmas music.
- Nicole B.

couple strapping freshly cut christmas tree to the roof of their car

Every year, my family insists on getting a real Christmas tree (although I am quite allergic). We go to the tree farm, find a tree, cut it down, bring it home, and decorate it. I also tend to wait to do my Christmas gift shopping until last minute because there aren’t usually a ton of shoppers on Christmas Eve! Then I can just go home, wrap the gifts, put them right under the tree and be done!

- Marlene M.

family gathered around the christmas tree opening presents

On Christmas Eve, my family and I have a picnic in our living room right next to our Christmas tree. We throw on a Christmas movie. We all get new pajamas to wear to bed. On Christmas, my mom pops a soufflé in the oven and we open presents, play games, drink wine, and have a good time. When it gets dark, we drive around to different neighborhoods to look at everyone’s Christmas lights.
- Jourdan M.

cookies and milk with a note out for santa

When I was little, on Christmas Eve we would bake cookies for Santa and leave out some carrots for the reindeer. They deserve it for lugging Santa around all evening!
- Madison D.

Have any Christmas traditions you and your family celebrate? We would love to hear about them! Share below.