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It's that time! Bust out your broom, your furniture polish, and get 'ta cleaning! Just think of how nice it'll feel once it's done.

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Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

You spend all this time cleaning the inside of your house for spring, don't forget about the outside! Downloadable checklist inside.

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How to Choose Wine Glasses

Want to keep it simple? Check out our quick guide to buying wine glasses.

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Hosting Tips and Tricks

Hosting a gathering at your home can be stressful. Check out some tricks and tips we have to make it run smoothly and so everyone has a great time.

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How to Make a Top-Notch Charcuterie Board for Any Party

Impress your guests with a charcuterie platter for any occasion

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DIY Fake Fireplace

Don't have a fireplace for Santa to bring presents? Looking for a fun craft? Check out this easy project that'll make your space 10x cozier.

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Holiday Traditions

It's never too late to start a new tradition. Here are some of ours that you may want to start doing with your family and friends!

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Handmade Child's Christmas Tree Ornament

Who doesn't have a box of handmade ornaments from when they were young? Keep the tradition going with this tree ornament!

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Santa Handprint Ornament Tutorial

Perfect gift for parents or grandparents - and really easy to make!

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Snowflake Ornament

Easy handmade Christmas ornament ahead! Decorate a wooden snowflake with old buttons and sparkly bits. Here's how.

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Patriotic Treat Sure to Please Any Guest

They're cute, they're customizable, they're ideal for your picky guests this Memorial, Independence, and Labor Day.


Halloween Safety Tips

Let's be honest, Halloween can be chaotic. Here are a few tips to make sure your family stays safe!

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