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Ooni Classic Neapolitan Pizza Dough

Author:Terry Baldwin
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hands of unseen person kneading pizza dough on a wooden board

Makes 3 or 4 dough balls, enough for four 12-inch or three 16-inch pizzas.

Prep time: 260 minutes or longer.

Cook time: 1 minute in an Ooni pizza oven.

If your pizza dreams involve a bubbly, light crust, this recipe from Ooni is for you. It produces a traditional dough perfect for Neapolitan-style pizzas cooked in very hot ovens (like Ooni outdoor pizza ovens).


00 flour is a specialty flour milled for pasta making and is ideal for Neapolitan-style pizza. In a pinch, use all-purpose flour or bread flour (or a 50-50 mix), but your results will vary.

The recipe includes an alternative cold-prove method which takes longer but results in more flavorful crust. This method uses half the amount of yeast listed. If you choose to cold prove, you will need to allow 12-72 hours for the dough to rise (aka proof or prove) and another 5 hours for the dough to reach room temperature and be ready to cook.

Allow plenty of time to for dough to proof, 3 to 72 hours (depending on the proving method you use). You will need a kitchen scale for this recipe. A pizza peel will be helpful.


  • 12.8 ounces (364 grams) cold water
  • 4 teaspoons (18 grams) salt
  • 0.71 ounces (20 grams) fresh yeast or 0.32 ounces (9.2 grams) active dried yeast or 0.25 (7 grams) instant dried yeast (NOTE: if using the cold-prove method, use half the amount of yeast)
  • 21.4 ounces (607grams) "00" flour, plus extra for dusting


Have a clean, generously floured surface ready for kneading the dough.

Activate the yeast

Pour 2/3 of the water (about 8.5 ounces or 242 grams) into a bowl. Bring the remaining water to a boil in a microwave or on the stovetop.

Add the boiling water to the cold water. Now the water is at the right temperature to activate the yeast so it can do its business.

Whisk the yeast and salt into the warm water.

Make the dough

By hand:

Sift flour into a large bowl, add the water & yeast mixture.

Mix with a wooden spoon, folding ingredients until a rough dough begins to form.

When the dough is too difficult to stir, begin mixing it with your hands and work the mixture until it holds a ball-like shape. Turn the dough out onto the floured surface. Use both hands to knead it for about 10 minutes, until it becomes noticeably firmer and elastic to the touch.

Put the dough back into the bowl. Cover it with plastic wrap or a clean, damp towel and put it in a warm place to rise. Let it rise until doubled in size, usually about 2 hours.

Using a stand mixer with dough hook:

Sift flour into mixing bowl.

At low speed, slowly add water & yeast mixture.

After the wet and dry ingredients have combined, keep the mixer going on low speed for 5-10 minutes, or until dough has firmed up and become stretchy.

When the dough is ready, cover the bowl with a clean, damp towel or plastic wrap and put it in a warm place to proof.

Let it proof until doubled in size, usually about 2 hours.

Divide, shape & proof again

When the dough has doubled in bulk, divide it into 3 or 4 equal pieces. Four pieces will make four 12-inch pizzas; three will make three 16-inch pizzas.

Place each piece separately in bowls or put them all on a large tray, leaving plenty of space between each piece.

Cover with plastic wrap and let them proof for another 30 to 60 minutes, or until doubled in size.

Alternate Cold-Prove Method

For a more complex flavor, give the yeast more time to work its magic by following the cold-prove method.

Make the dough per instructions above, using half the amount of yeast listed.

Then, let the dough rise in the fridge for 24-72 hours. Schedule this so that the dough will be ready on the day you are making pizza.

Once the dough has risen, divided it into pieces per instructions above.

Let pieces sit at room temperature until they have warmed up, at least 5 hours.

Stretch & shape the dough

partially hidden man holding a ball of pizza dough in one hand

Have a clean, lightly floured work surface ready.

Flour your clean hands and shape the dough into a ball.

Place the dough on the floured surface and use your fingertips to press into the center of the ball and flatten it into a disc.

Continue widening the disc, spreading your fingers and pushing the dough out from the middle.

Holding the edge, gently pick up the dough and carefully pinch it around the outside, letting the dough’s weight pull it downward.

You are aiming for a very thin base. The windowpane test will tell you when your dough base is thin enough. Carefully hold the base up to a light. If the light shines through it (like a doughy window), it’s ready. Just be careful not to tear the base.

Once stretched and shaped to the right thinness, the base is ready to be cooked.

Prepare for cooking

Lightly dust a pizza peel with flour. Place the stretched, shaped dough on a pizza. If it tears, use fingertips to pinch holes together.

Add toppings and bake in an Ooni pizza oven or a hot oven.

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