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Make a Pretty Christmas Ornament with Buttons

Author:Terry Baldwin
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snowflake Christmas tree ornament with white buttons and colored  beads hanging in tree

This sparkly handmade Christmas ornament is a great way to reuse old buttons you probably have skittering around a junk drawer. It's a fun and easy holiday project for adults and older kids (buttons can be hard for small fingers to handle, and they're a choking hazard). 

Project Supplies

snowflake Christmas ornament project supplies: mod podge glue, ribbon, snowflake, brush, buttons, beads

To make this ornament, you need a flat wood snowflake shape. You can find unfinished wood shapes at most stores selling craft supplies. You'll also need white craft glue that dries clear, a foam brush, ribbon, buttons, and sparkly bits—glass beads, sequins, or glitter. I used beads because that's what I had on hand.

Step 1

Tie a ribbon around one of the snowflake tips. Knot it in back and make a hanging loop.

Note: you can paint the snowflake first. I did not, but the back will look nicer painted white.

Step 2

Use a brush to thickly coat one side of the wooden snowflake with Mod Podge. Lay the snowflake on top of something to raise it off the surface (I used a small box).

DIY snowflake christmas tree ornament project step one, apply glue 

Step 3

Place buttons on the snowflake. Then sprinkle beads in the open spaces, covering as much of the glue as you can. I like white, silver, clear, and blue beads because they're more snowflakey.

DIY snowflake christmas tree ornament project step 2, apply buttons 

To keep beads from scattering all over the place, put the ornament in a container to catch the spillage. Let dry, then gently shake off loose beads.

 DIY snowflake christmas tree ornament project step 3, apply glass beads

That’s it! An easy, pretty Christmas tree ornament you can make in about 20 minutes. Looking for more holiday ideas? Check out some of our staff's treasured Christmas traditions.

DIY snowflake christmas tree ornament