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What to Make with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Author:Terry Baldwin
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Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberries, brussels sprouts, gravy and carrots

Wondering what to do with those Thanksgiving Day leftovers? Don't let them wither in the fridge—transform them into delectable new dishes! Here are genius ways to use up leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash, and cranberries. 

Thanksgiving Meatballs

Lots of leftover turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and gravy? Remake the whole shebang into glorious meatballs.
Recipe by Angela Davis (The Kitchenista Diaries).

Creamy Leftover Turkey & Rice Soup

This recipe puts a lemony spin on leftover turkey. Rich and bright, this Greek avgolemono-style soup is a great next-day antidote to all that heavy food.
Recipe from Martha Stewart.

Easy Turkey Tetrazzini

This casserole uses up 2 cups of chopped leftover turkey. It also calls for a can of condensed cream of celery soup.
Recipe from All Recipes.

Fried Mashed Potato Balls

This clever recipe transforms that pile of mashed spuds into delightful bites, crispy outside, creamy inside. According to reviewers, you can also make these in an air fryer.
Recipe from Delish.

Potato Doughnuts

You can absolutely make delicious doughnuts with leftover mashed potatoes. You only need 2 cups!
Recipe from Taste of Home.

Bubble & Squeak

This recipe is based on the traditional Irish colcannon dish. It uses up 2 cups of leftover mashed potatoes plus ALL the leftover vegetables—kale, peas, green beans, Brussels sprouts. Top it with an egg!
Recipe from The Spruce Eats.

Leftover Stuffing Quiche

Stuffing today, breakfast tomorrow! Because why not follow Thanksgiving Day Dinner with Black Friday Brunch? For extra yum, make holiday mimosas with cranberry juice + hard cider!
Recipe from Food.

Stuffing Waffles

Waffles made with leftover stuffing topped with leftover gravy? We might make extra stuffing just for these!
Recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

Sweet Potato Tea Cake

This loaf cake recipe requires only a cup of pureed sweet potatoes. You can also sub in squash and reduce the sugar if you’d like.
Recipe from Bon Appetit.

Squash Crumble Bars

This recipe calls for a cup of pureed buttercup squash, but feel free to use any type of squash or leftover sweet potatoes. We give it a yums up.
Recipe from Jeanine Donofrio of Love and Lemons.

Cranberry Cookie Bars

Leftover cranberry sauce? Make these delicious cookie bars that use 3 cups of sauce and only 5 other ingredients.
Recipe from Food52.

Day After Thanksgiving Cookies

This recipe uses both leftover cranberries and canned pumpkin. Although it calls for whole-berry cranberry sauce, go ahead and use jellied sauce from a can—you'll still get good results.
Recipe from Taste of Home.