Ways to Use L-Shaped Accent Fences

Author:Terry B.
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L-shaped corner accent fences are an easy way to add interest to your yard. You can set them up quickly and see instant results. Typically, you see them marking driveway entrances or framing gardens.

But there are more ways to use this type of fence. Take a look at these ideas.

Make and Outdoor Shower

Maybe you’d like an outdoor shower for your lake house or pool. A simple way to partially enclose it is to use an L-shaped vinyl privacy fence. It’ll add a bit of privacy and contain the shower spray. You’re saved the trouble of building an enclosure and the vinyl is easy to maintain.

girl standing under outdoor shower in bathing suit

Design an Outdoor Nook

Is your concrete patio a boring expanse of….concrete? Break it up by creating a cute relaxation spot. Set up an accent fence in a corner, then add elements to make the space inviting – a couple potted plants, white fairy lights or vines, a comfy chair, and a small table. Now all you need is a book and a glass of wine or iced tea.

Conceal Eyesores

No one likes looking at garbage cans and other unattractive things near your home, such as utility boxes, propane tanks, and pool equipment. Use an L-shaped fence to hide those visual disturbances.

black trash bin on brick road with blue fence

Shush a Noisy Air Conditioner

If your AC unit is near your deck or patio and makes so much noise you can’t talk without yelling, create an instant sound barrier with a privacy accent fence. The fence won’t completely block the sound, but it’ll dampen it (and hide the air conditioner, too).

Set Boundaries

Maybe you have an area that is hard to distinguish from the rest of the outdoor space – like a soccer field, for instance – and you don’t want to actually build a fence. Strategically placed corner fences can show visitors where the soccer field is, so they won’t accidentally park on it (true story).

The really nice thing about corner accent fences is that they’re easy to move if your needs change.

white vinyl accent fence surrounding pumpkins on a pallet