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4 Ways to Style a Lantern for Christmas

Author:Terry Baldwin
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closeup of blue, pink, red, yellow, and green bottle brush Christmas trees

We love lanterns for their styling versatility. They're easy to change up seasonally. Here are 4 ideas for Christmas—you may have some of these same items in a box in your basement.

Bottle Brush Trees, Part 1

 copper lantern with glass jar filled with blue , green and tan bottle brush Christmas trees

I love these little trees. For a subtle look, I put 3 trees in muted colors in a jar and added some fake snow. I found that putting more snow on the outside of the lantern looked better, but, warning, this stuff can get messy.

Bottle Brush Trees, Part 2

 copper lantern filled with colored bottle brush and wooden Christmas trees

Make a mini rainbow forest! All my colorful trees are packed into the lantern with a little dried moss to cover the bases.

Jar of Ornaments

 copper lantern with jar filled with christmas ball ornament and colored lights, lights on and off

I collect vintage ornaments and found another way to display them with the same jar I used for the bottle brush trees. I filled the jar with small round glass ornaments and topped them with a bright pink vintage beauty. It was pretty but needed something more. So I added colored battery-powered fairy lights. To hide the battery box, tape it behind or under the table.

Candle + Berries

tin lantern filled with a white candle, red wooden cranberries and dried green moss

Of course, candles are what you’d typically put in a lantern. For a holiday mood, add a ring of wooden cranberries. I didn’t like the way the red looked against the copper lantern, so I covered the bottom with dried moss. The added texture is a bonus, and you can use moss year-round.

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