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Christmas Decorations with Kids' Handprints

Author:Terry Baldwin
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angel painted on cloth made with child's handprints and footprints

Children’s tiny handprints and footprints can make the cutest Christmas decorations. These personal works of art will become treasured family heirlooms and make adorable gifts. You'll probably shed some sentimental tears in the future and we're not at all sorry about that. My kids made these adorable pieces in preschool—Miss Judy was pretty creative!

To make these art pieces, you’ll need non-toxic, washable paints, prewashed cotton or canvas material, glitter glue, permanent marker, a dowel, and string or ribbon.

Cut the material about an inch longer than you want. Turn down the top edge about an inch and sew to make a tunnel to slide the dowel through. The dowel should extend at least an inch on either side. The string should be long enough to hang the art.

After the paint is dry, insert the dowel. Tightly tie the string to both ends of the dowel to form a hanging loop. If your kids are old enough to write their names, have them sign the art. Be sure to add the date!

This sweet little angel is made from a footprint. Two handprints become the angel’s wings.

angel painted on cloth made with child's handprints and footprints

This handprint wreath is easier for kids who are at least 3 years old. Put red paint on the thumb to make the holly berries. Sign and date!

white material with child's green handprints forming a Christmas wreath on a wood background

This design is the easiest to produce and is ideal for kids who are very active or very young. Or even a patient pet. Just 2 little handprints (or pawprints) are needed!

Christmas decoration with 2 green child's handprints on canvas

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