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Painted Rocks Make Cute Christmas Decor

Author:Terry Baldwin. Photos & craft by Allison Kinney
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3 smooth rocks with gnomes painted on them

While you might not think of painting rocks when planning your next craft project, our resident craft maven Allison shows just how adorable the results can be.

What’s really cool is that you can find rocks in your own yard, for free!

You can place your painted cuties on a desk, in potted plants, on a window sill, or even in a frame (remove glass and attach rocks with a strong adhesive, such as 3600 glue).

For fun, hide a few outside for neighbors to discover on walks.

Allison uses acrylic paints and protects the painted design with clear acrylic spray.

Start by outlining your design with a pencil. 

gnome partially painted on a smooth rock

Then fill it in.

gnome drawn on a smooth rock

Aren’t these adorable?

3 smooth rocks with gnomes painted on them

penguin, candy cane and snowman painted on 3 smooth rocks

framed rock with a gnome painted on it