White Battery-Operated Door Bell with 2 Push Buttons

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White Battery-Operated Door Bell with 2 Push Buttons

Product Highlights

  • Get a working doorbell without messing with wires
  • No outlets needed - install chime and buttons where it’s convenient
  • 2 buttons for 2 entrances
  • Plays 2 zone-specific sounds
  • Transmits up to 100 feet
  • 1-year limited warranty
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Product Details

Product Overview

You could put this wireless doorbell in your kitchen, if you wanted – it’s battery operated, so you don’t need to mess with wires or find an outlet. The push buttons are also battery operated, so you can install them anywhere, as long as they’re within 100 feet of the chime.

Kit includes a wireless, battery-operated chime and 2 push buttons. 1 button is a basic white style. The other button is more decorative - choose white, black, brass or nickel.

Chime dings AND ding-dongs. We recommend setting a different tone for each button. So when the pizza guy comes, you know which door he’s at.

85 decibels. For comparison, a vacuum cleaner is usually 88 decibels. Volume isn’t adjustable.

Installation note: Chime needs 3 AA batteries (not included). Push button batteries are included.

Another note: You can sync up to 2 more Smart Hero brand push buttons to this chime. Will not sync with other brands.