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Bonfire Fire Pit Spark Screen

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Bonfire Fire Pit Spark Screen

Product Highlights

  • Fits the Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit
  • No more worry about flying sparks
  • 2-piece screen – top comes off
  • It’s easy to add more wood or roast hotdogs
  • Store it inside the fire pit
  • Lifetime warranty
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Product Details

Material 304 stainless steel
Length 19 inches
What Is Included Two-piece spark screen (side dome and top cover) and two removal tools
Weight 5 lbs
Brand Solo Stove
Width 19 inches
Vendor Ship Profile expected to ship within 2-3 business days
Height 3.75 inches
Return Policy
Can Be Used With
Color Silver
Size fits Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit
Care Instructions

Product Overview

Love a campfire but not those sudden popping embers that can fly out and bite? This screen puts a lid on hot sparks. It’s designed to fit over the Bonfire Fire Pit.

The unique 2-piece design won’t put a damper on your fire or your marshmallow roasting. The top comes off so you can make s’mores or add wood. The rim has grooves so you can rest your roasting sticks over the fire. The spark screen comes with 2 long-handled tools to let you remove the entire shield or just the top without getting too close to the flames.

When you aren’t using the fire pit, you can store the screen inside it—couldn't be easier!