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Bonfire Backyard Fire Pit with Stand

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Bonfire Backyard Fire Pit with Stand

Product Highlights

  • Spectacular flames with very little smoke
  • Fires are easy to light and stay burning
  • Portable and lasts a lifetime
  • Keeps you warm on chilly nights
  • Minimal ash to clean up
  • Includes stand & carrying tote
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Product Details

Color Silver
Material 304 stainless steel
What Is Included 1 bonfire fire pit, a stand, and a durable carrying case with handles
Weight 20 lbs
Brand Solo Stove
Vendor Ship Profile expected to ship within 1-2 business days
Can Be Used With
Number of Pieces
Dimensions 19.5 in. long x 19.5 in. wide x 14 in. tall
Compatibility Wood (chunk wood or logs)
Propane Tank Size
Reaches Temp
Country of Origin China

Product Overview

Want a fire pit with more flame and less smoke in your face and clothes? You got it! The Solo Stove Bonfire’s innovative design produces great heat and beautiful flame—with little to no smoke. Enjoy gathering around a roaring fire pit without getting stinging smoke in your eyes! Your friends will like their clothes not smelling all smoky, and your neighbors can leave their windows open without complaint.

There's more: This sleek stainless steel fire pit comes with a stand to protect heat-sensitive surfaces like wood decks and grass. A sturdy nylon drawstring tote is also included, so go ahead and take it camping.

Hardwood logs are recommended for optimum efficiency. Designed to maximize combustion airflow, the Bonfire burns wood efficiently, leaving only ultra-fine ash that’s easy to clean up. You can put the Bonfire unit in an existing fire pit if you leave 2 inches of clearance all around for ventilation.

NOTE: Because of the extremely high temperatures, the stainless steel will eventually discolor. Stainless steel has an increased resistance to rust but isn’t rust proof. Prolonged exposure to harsh weather will increase rust and discoloration but will not affect normal use.