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Ooni Koda 12 Pizza Oven

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Ooni Koda 12 Pizza Oven

Product Highlights

  • Propane-powered portable outdoor pizza oven with Piezo ignition
  • Hits a searing 950° F in 15 minutes
  • Cook a 12-inch restaurant-level pizza in 60 seconds
  • Heat-control dial lets you adjust the flame
  • Create a fun experience for family & friends
  • Ready to go places – just fold feet under
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Product Details

Color Black
Material Powder-coated, cold-rolled carbon steel shell, with a high-quality cordierite stone baking board inside
What Is Included
Brand Ooni
Vendor Ship Profile expected to ship within 2-3 business days
Return Policy
Can Be Used With Ooni Koda Cover
Number of Pieces
Dimensions 15.7 inches long x 11.6 inches wide x 24.8 inches tall
Compatibility 20 lb propane tank or 1 lb travel propane tank with adapter
Propane Tank Size
Reaches Temp 932 °F
Country of Origin China

Product Overview

The Ooni Koda pizza oven is the best choice when you take pizza-making seriously, but don’t want to mess with wood fire or commit to a huge brick oven. The Koda 12 is a little backyard-pizza-making beast. It heats up fast and cooks pizzas faster. Casually accept adoration from friends and fam when you serve them pizzas with charred crust that's crispy outside, chewy inside, bubbly, melty cheese, and lightly seared tops. Bonus: Roast fish, meats, and veggies in your Koda. The lowest temperature it can reach is about 350° F.

How it works: The Ooni Koda 12 has a pressed, powder-coated carbon steel shell with a stainless steel inner. It’s insulated with mineral fiber to keep oven searing hot. The cordierite pizza stone also retains heat. To operate, hook the Ooni Koda to a 20 lb. tank of propane and light the burner. The Ooni Koda comes with a pizza stone, propane tank gas regulator, and hose.

Use the Ooni on a table, not the ground. Table should support 30 pounds minimum. Tabletop should be able to handle radiant heat, such as wood, metal, or stone. Do not use on tablecloths, glass, or plastic. After cooking, let the oven cool for one hour minimum.

Safety: Outdoor use only. Do not use on the ground. Oven exterior gets very hot – don’t touch any metal parts. Rubber-tipped legs do not get hot. Don’t use under balconies or decks or underneath any combustible material.

Find detailed product dimensions here.

Warranty: 2-year warranty when you register with Ooni; 1 year warranty with no registration.

Good to know:

  • Cooking surface is 13-1/4 in. x 13-1/4 in.
  • Max pizza size is 12 in.
  • Use with a standard propane tank (small 1 lb. cylinders will need an additional adapter).
  • You need a 12-inch pizza peel. Frequent users recommend having both a wooden and metal peel.
  • Infrared laser thermometer is recommended for pizza stone temp.
  • Getting your pizza just right may take some trial and error. Expect a short learning curve and have extra dough ready the first time.
  • Neapolitan-style pizza cooks best with thin dough and light toppings.
  • You’ll need to turn the pizza 2-3 times during cooking.

Ooni is a member of 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of gross sales to the Eden Reforestation Projects.