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Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven

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Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven

Product Highlights

  • The taste of wood-fired pizza with the ease & control of propane gas
  • Reaches a pizza-perfect 950° F in 20 minutes
  • 16-inch pies are ready to devour in 60 secs (with only 1 turn)
  • Also bake bread and cook meats, veg & desserts
  • Cooking area: 16.1 in. x 15.8 in.
  • Portable – legs collapse for transport & storage
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Product Details

Color Black
Material Powder coated carbon steel shell and cordierite stone
What Is Included Ooni Koda 16 in. Pizza Oven body with folding legs, cordierite stone baking board, and a gas as regulator and hose (connect to propane tank)
Weight 40 lbs
Brand Ooni
Vendor Ship Profile expected to ship within 2-3 business days
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Can Be Used With Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven
Number of Pieces
Dimensions 25 inches long x 23.2 inches wide x 14.7 inches tall
Compatibility Propane
Propane Tank Size 20 lbs
Reaches Temp 950 degrees
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Product Overview

Pizza fanatics are loving the Ooni Koda 16 pizza oven, and for good reason. You can replicate the wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza made in restaurants in your own backyard. You'll turn out a pro-level pie in 60 seconds. the Koda 16 is propane powered, firing up quickly and giving you more control over the temperature. Reaches a searing 950° F—just right for the perfect crust, crisp & bubbly outside, chewy inside. Plus, propane gas produces little smoke and soot.

Unlike other Ooni models, you only need to turn the pizza once during cooking. The wide opening and larger size means you can cook 16-inch pizzas, just what you need to feed a hungry group.

How does the Koda 16 do it? This oven has an L-shaped burner that lights up a powerful waterfall-effect flame. Ooni has patented a flame-keeper technology that gives you efficient, consistent heat. The powder-coated insulated shell and the cordierite baking stone combine to retain and optimize heat for cooking.

Super-easy set up: Unfold the legs, insert the pizza stone, connect gas hose, hook it up to a 20 lb. propane tank, and you’re ready! Prior to cooking, season the oven by running it for 30 minutes, let cool and wipe down with a dry towel.

Comes with a 1-year warranty, but you can up that to a 3-year warranty by registering your Koda 16 with Ooni.

Good to know: Use outdoors only, with a 3-foot clearance all around. Place the Koda 16 any sturdy surface— such as wood, marble, stainless steel. The pizza stone gets hotter the closer it is to the flame. These means you can move food around depending on what you’re cooking. Always rotate food for an even bake. The oven gets hot! Take care when using. Do not use underneath an apartment/condo balcony or deck. Don’t use on very windy days. The outer shell may fade over time.

Care: Store indoors when possible. Don’t expose to snow, rain, strong wind. To burn off food from interior, run the oven for 30 minutes at the hottest temperature. Wipe down exterior with soapy water and dry right after.

Pizza stone: It gets hot and stays hot for a long time! It’s fragile and will probably break if you drop it. Do not place frozen food on a hot stone. Do not put water on a hot stone. The stone is easy to clean simply by flipping it over and letting stuck-on food burn off. If you clean the stone with water, dry before using it. Never put it in a dishwasher.